Environment Policy Core principle of DAIKIN Hendek Production plant is carry out all our activities considering the environment.
Documented and verified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, is used to constantly monitor and improve of our environmental performance.

Within this scope;

  • We will manage our processes, our materials and our employees in order to reduce the environmental impacts associated with our work
  • Systematically provides the framework for setting environmental objectives and targets, we try to allocate necessary resources to reach the target.
  • We will comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and with the other requirements of the partners and customers
  • We share with the public in the transparency of our activities related to the environment.
  • Giving environmental awareness and responsibility to our employees, we consider the environment in our activities.
  • We reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy that required for our processes
  • We reduce the wastes caused by our activities.
  • Raw materials used in our production lines, assembly parts are used in an efficient way.
  • We execute all activities by protection of the environment principle.

Behalf of all employees, we undertake to act in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System