Airfel joined the air conditioning sector in 1999 as "Akfel Pazarlama" with ten business partners. Akfel, which had a 15% market share in the industry in 1999, drew their interest and was acquired by Sanko Holding in 2001 as the Airfel brand.

Sanko Holding invested heavily in establishing a 95,000 square meter industrial facility in Sakarya Hendek in 2005.

Airfel, which had a revenue of 202 million TL in 2011, was bought by Daikin, the world's top heating and cooling company.

Since 2011, Airfel continues to add value to the lives of people as a brand under the Daikin Turkey Company, with its air conditioner and combi boiler products. It has 450 authorized sales points in Turkey.


Airfel Mission & Vision


Our mission at Airfel is to provide quality and affordable heating and cooling products that transcend the expectations of our customers. Committed to enhancing comfort and well-being, we aim to deliver accessible technology, energy efficiency, and unparalleled reliability. Through a customer-centric approach, we strive to create lasting relationships and contribute to the economic growth of the HVAC industry in the region.


The Airfel relentlessly builds qualitive products with honest prices to let everyone in Turkey live comfortably. Through unwavering dedication to excellence, we aim to be recognized as a symbol of trust, reliability, and quality. 




Daikin, which has been operating in Türkiye for 45 years through distributors since 1978, has become an assertive investor in the Turkish air conditioning sector by purchasing Airfel in July 2011. Today, Daikin Türkiye is the company which has the widest product range in Türkiye in the field of heating, cooling and ventilation. Daikin and Airfel brands, which are part of Daikin Türkiye, have products produced with the latest technology for different needs such as combi boilers, air conditioning units, fancoils and air handling units intended for the air conditioning sector. Daikin Türkiye, headquartered in Istanbul, manufactures products suitable for different needs such as combi boilers, air conditioning units, fancoils, air handling units of the Daikin and Airfel brands which are under its roof, with the latest technology in its production facilities established on an area of 163 thousand square meters in Sakarya. Daikin can serve a wide geography of Türkiye through 4 regional directorates, approximately 2000 employees, 500 dealers, 16 female entrepreneur Sakura dealers, 500 sales points and over 500 authorized services. It also brought Europe's first air conditioning experience centre to the sector. Daikin Academy, located in Istanbul, works to reflect the power of education on the personal development, professional experience and quality of business conduct of stakeholders. Positioned as the R&D, production and logistics base of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa as well as Türkiye, Daikin Türkiye has undertaken the responsibility of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Georgia which are affiliated to Daikin from the CIS countries and also the responsibility of the Northern Iraq, Mongolia and TRNC markets.

Split Air Conditioner Production Plant / Hendek Sakarya

Air conditioners produced in Daikin Türkiye Split Air Conditioning Production Facility pass 100% high pressure, function, performance, electrical safety and sound tests. Production is carried out untouched by robot applications used in test processes in production and welding robots used especially in copper pipe joint welding processes at critical points.

Combi Boiler Production Facility / Hendek Sakarya

Our combi boilers, designed by an expert team, are produced in the factory, where production is carried out with the importance given to R&D studies and with 100% visual control systems which made with robots, by using the highest quality components of the sector and by passing 100% safety, function, tightness and pressure resistance tests. CE certifications are made by accredited laboratories of Europe